The Secrets of ShahRukh Khan

The Secrets of ShahRukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan, whose birthday determination is to work in three movies every year (he’s as of now made Dilwale, Fan and Raees in 2015), stars in a Vogue video that praises his turning 50. Regularly straightforward, Shah Rukh makes a progression of disclosures about himself that we promise you didn’t have an inkling. (Likewise Read: Shah Rukh Khan Got Away From a ‘Bar brawl’ With Just an ‘Affection Bite’)

Boss among these is the reason the title “badshah” is his top pick. The reason may startle you a little or a great deal.

Here are nine disclosures from the ‘Bad Shah’:

1. “I did not think I’ll survive till 50”

2. “I was never cut out to be professional, I was cut out to be a star”

3.”I want to play a tough guy, with a gun in my hand and a girl by my side”

4. “I want to play the guitar and learn ten songs so that I can sing to every woman in the world”

5. “I want to learn cooking Italian food and I want to do the mafia thing, with an apron and stuff”

6. “I like badshah because I like to think of it as the Bad Shah”

7. “My only two idols are Muhammad Ali and Caitlyn Jenner”

8. “You can’t play yourself for 25 years and have people still like you”
And the last but not the least:

9. “I don’t want to sound arrogant or pompous but I have it all”